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Home Loan Calculator is a tool that helps you calculate your maximum loan. Home Loan Calculator blog is the same as Home Loan Calculator. At Home Loan Calculator Blog, it serves as a tool that will help people who wants to purchase their dream house through home loan specially in Malaysia.

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Home loan calculator & Malaysia home loan made easy

malaysia home loanIn Malaysia, there no better way to get a Malaysian home loan consultancy and home loan calculator other than in Fiscal Wise. My recent loan problems gave me a long haul of thoughts and I didn’t have enough time to check with the banks on several issues regarding attaining a Malaysian home loan. As an expat, I don’t see where else am I going to. The banks didn’t offer much help to me, as Maybank’s home loan calculator didn’t provide me with enough information. The Maxi plan calculator was hideous.

One of Wise’s consultants was explaining to me about BLR (Base Lending Rate) as a context in Malaysia home loan packages. It seems that BLR is actually a minimum interest rate calculated by financial organizations based on a formula which takes into account the organization’s cost of funds and other administrative costs. According to Wise’s Historical Base Lending Rate Chart, Jan ’98 – ’99 hiked a stunning 12% figure due to the inflation that has caused massive downturn in the Malaysian economy. The general public was facing a staggering financial crisis.

Anyway, I was happy Wise’s consultant was able to point out certain key points about obtaining a Malaysian home loan with their home loan calculator tool. Their goal was to actually help Malaysians capture the best home loan available in all 26 banks and 398 home loan packages offered. Since financial institutions would only promote their own package, I’m lucky to have found Wise because they showed me the top 10 loans out of 398 Malaysia home loan packages available today. Better yet, Wise also said choosing the right package could mean being able to afford a RM$200,000 house and a RM$300,000 home loan.

I’ll be talking to Wise’s consultants again tomorrow regarding the processes of obtaining a Malaysia home loan. I’d recommend you to at least check them out. They are way better than all the standalone banks as they pick and choose which home loan suits you best from 26 banks.

Malaysia Home Loan Packages Finder or http://www.fiscal-wise.com.my/
Wise’s Home Loan Calculator


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