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Home Loan Calculator is a tool that helps you calculate your maximum loan. Home Loan Calculator blog is the same as Home Loan Calculator. At Home Loan Calculator Blog, it serves as a tool that will help people who wants to purchase their dream house through home loan specially in Malaysia.

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"A house is made with walls and beams. A home is made with love and dreams." Author Unknown

Home Loan Calculator: Loan search made easier

malaysia home loanFace the fact: A mortgage or Malaysia home loan is the single largest financial commitment brought upon your life, not to mention others like cars, credit cards and so forth, in an average of 30 years for an average-paid guy. In fact, a household’s disposable income will account to mortgage or loan repayments up to 40% of their monthly disposable nett earnings after thorough calculations.

Choosing the right home loan is essential; better still if you have the choice to either afford a $200,000 or $300,000 loan. Rushing off to the bank makes things much more complicated – As many would usually push loans to a minimal level where the stakes are not so high. This home loan calculator and packages finder will not only help you choose the right loan, but also generate the best package for you based on the market value, purchase price, preferred loan tenure, preferred margin of finance and so forth.

Out of 402 home loan packages in Malaysia, this home loan calculator will pick the best out of your preferences entered in the wizard and display to you the top 10 loans matching your criteria. It’s simple and easy – As attaining the right home loan could mean a swift home loan approval or a difficult one.

This home loan calculator gives you the information you need about the 26 banks running their banking businesses across Malaysia. Not only home loans, but also calculators like the EPF Estimator Calculator, Fire Insurance Calculator, Loan Repayment Calculator and Refinance Calculator.

But most of all, Fiscal Wise makes the home loan search much easier for you with its revolutionary home loan calculator, developed to suit all your Malaysia home loan search needs; Without the hassle of wasting precious time roaming from the 26 banks and choosing between 402 packages around Malaysia.


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